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Have ambitions and dreams to succeed and need a challenge? We open opportunities for you to develop a career in that offers tremendous opportunities to influence almost every aspect of our business. Join our creative and collaborative environment, and discover the extent to which your ideas can be realized.


Develop the Site quickly and according to the needs of the client or better known is a STARUP engaged in services Maintance, Service, Photographi, Developer & professional website development

For Photographi we always use the best Camera and supported by experienced teams.

For Maintance we always use a team of experts to do maintance to fit the problem in the face.

For Hosting we always use hosting with the location in building CYBER 1 Kuningan and also Singapoer to guaranteed web hosting is always in the best prime and best DOWNTIME and minimize.

to create your custom web app. To create your custom website, we will design and develop your website with PHP Native and MYSQL.

You just give the concept, then we make it happen! has been established since 2012 from a small project and now has done nearly 20 project websites, ranging from company profile website, advertising site, online store site, church website, portfolio website, website apps, e-commerce sites, and more.

Previously, Olim Project addressed to still using a free domain, has now become STRATUP, then changed to on July 17, 2016.

Vision and mission

Become a STRATUP engaged in the field of IT & Multimedia and known in the world GLOBAL

1. Developing a better and cheaper IT & Multimedia services business.
2. Optimizing good service and giving satisfaction to clients.
3. Run a business fairly and benefit all parties.
4. Provide convenience to Clients & Quality Services.
5. Increase the value of the company through excellence, creativity, innovation, and business development to be superior.

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